Tri-Campus Games Coverage: Day 4

10th June 2010

The second day of competition in Malaysia once again saw Basketball as the first contested sport, though this time it was the men who were up first. After their narrow defeat to the Chinese the previous day, the UK side were keen to put in a strong perofmance against the Malaysians. Another tight game, the match was taken to penalty shots, the first round of which still saw the teams unable to be separated. However, sudden death followed and the UK were unable to overcome their opponents, eventually losing 48-49, to end a well fought but ultimately disappointing campaign.

Next was the women’s Basketball and after demolishing the Malaysians on Day 3, the UK girls were understandably confident. This paid off as they once again swept aside their Chinese opposition with an almost identical score of 61-15.

It was another day of strong Squash performances from the UK side as both men and women took on China with little response from the latter as both British teams won 9-0.

The Badminton saw mixed results for Nottingham UK, as the Malaysian men proved too strong, defeating the British 7-3. The UK women, however, were unphased by their opponents, putting in a 10-0 whitewash perfomance to score victory.

In the table tennis, the male British contingent who are set to compete in the European Championships later this year, wasted little time in despatching the Chinese in style with a classy 5-0 win. The same could not be said for the UK women, who went down 4-1 to their Chinese counterparts.

The final sport for the UK was the tennis, which again saw strong performances from both the men’s and women’s teams. Taking on the Malaysians in yet more searing heat, with temperatures as high as 41 degrees on court, the men coasted to a 5-0 win, whilst the women won 4-1.

So once again the UK put in a strong performance and had a day off to look forward to on Wednesday when they would be taken sight seeing around Kuala Lumpa. It wasn’t quite all over however, as more championship points were up for grabs in the latest set of interdisciplinary events.

A 20 person relay (10 men and 10 women from each country) saw the UK come out on top, after China inexplicably stopped and celebrated having only had 14 people run. Alas, they didn’t recover and were automatically placed last, leaving the Malaysians in a comfortable second.

Immediately after came an obstacle course, contested by individual athletes representing their home nations. Once again the UK dominated, with their athletes finishing 1st and 3rd, with a Chinese athlete in 2nd.

The UK are well placed at the top of the overall leaderboard, with my sport involving the UK side again on Thursday against the Malaysians who are sure to be more challenging than the Chinese. However, a day to look forward to in Kuala Lumpa beckons beforehand, so we just need to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and hopefully the rest will sort itself out.

From Malaysia. Ed

Full Results from Competition Day 2:


MENS: UK 48-49 Malaysia

WOMENS: UK 61-15 China


MENS: UK 3-7 Malaysia

WOMENS: UK 10-0 Malaysia


MENS: UK 9-0 China

WOMENS: UK 9-0 China


MENS: Malaysia 1-0 China

WOMENS: Malaysia 1-0 China

Table Tennis

MENS: China 0-5 UK

WOMENS: China 4-1 UK


MENS: UK 5-0 Malaysia

WOMENS: UK 4-1 Malaysia

Ultimate Frisbee

MIXED: China 10-7 Malaysia


MIXED: Malaysia 3-0 China