Tri-Campus Games Coverage Day 5

10th June 2010

Today all athletes were rewarded for their efforts with a free day to visit Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpa. Some had been out on the Tuesday night which meant getting up for an 8.30 start was something of a challenge. Equipt with an average to poor packed lunch and touristy site-seeing esque attitude we boarded our coaches and waited for departure.

Rerlishing the prosect of a little bit of down time, everyone separated out and when we re-conviened at 6pm shared their various different experiences. I had my feet nibbled at by some fish…some sort of new beauty salon treatment…which I would probably recommend you try at least once. We also visited the aquarium, and later fed some monkeys at the KL national park. Others went shopping whilst some got massages. Overall it was just nice to have some time away from sport. The variety of sports available means that we’re never bored, but it was good to have time to relax. Day 6 will see the last day of competition, with my team taking on Malaysia in the championship decider which I’m very much looking forward to, while a number of other sports have gone down to the last day to decide the overall winners so there are certainly some exciting matches in prospect, the results of which I will of course inform you.

From the Tri-Campus Games. Ed