Move In Day 2010!

19th September 2010

We went live at 11am on the Move In Show entertaining the Freshers as they start their Uni life, bringing you the excitement from around campus!

Throughout the day we’ve been from Broadgate Park to Cripps and Portland to Nightingale, you name it we were there!

We set hall related challenges on our travels, to their new freshers, awarding the winners with an exclusive Week One Hall branded T-shirt, the challenges included:

Move In DayThe Derby Derby – a horse race at Derby Hall where any object between the legs acts as your horse – with “Bike Saddle” ridden by Ethan Monaghan.

The Mark Cavendish Race – for Cavendish hall we challenged the freshers to an impromptu bike race in honour of “Mark Cavendish” who was emulated impeccably by Jessica James who stormed to victory.

Blur on Broadgate Park – URN members gathered a band of merry Freshers to sing the great Blur anthem “Parklife”, with Ian Knight, of Acorns, showing the most emotion thus winning the T-shirt.

Robin Hood of Sherwood – where freshers where asked to grab any object to hand to make a bow and arrow and then these were tested in by firing the projectiles as far as possible. Andrew Magno won by firing a toy sword over 7 metres…

Cripps Cryptic Challenge – we tested freshers pre-University knowledge, and their appreciation for the clocktower of Cripps Hall by giving them a cryptic clue: “Marty McFly would be here if it was near the end of the movie?” Natasha Gladstone was the winner of the exclusive Week One Hall T-shirt – congratulations!

URN members got involved as well by descending upon the halls to welcome the Freshers and provide them with a few essentials: beer mats & fridge magnets…

Tom Ryan got a little too excited on Broadgate Park when he saw a clown with a tight rope! What followed was what can only be described as the Station Manager finding a new career in the circus, as he walked the 5 metres of rope casually, but then his ego got the better of him, as he tried to go backwards!

We also wanted to find the proudest hall, thus challenged the URN members to gather as many people together as possible and get them to shout: “We are [hall name] & we love URN!” The audio was then passed through a cutting-edge piece of technology which measured real pride through vocal expression: The Pride-o-meter!

1) Rutland – 9.7
2) Sherwood – 9.5
3) Broadgate – 9.0
4) Nightingale – 8.3
5) Cripps – 8.0
6) Hugh Stu – 7.2

You have most likely seen us around as we have invaded every hall. If you do have any questions about anything Week One related or not just text in as for our What’s Your Problem?! feature. Also if you’re interested in getting involved with what we do here; come see us at Freshers’ Fayre or check our get involved page!

We also handed out Treasure Hunt flyers for the week long competition of finding URN’s very own Ben the Bear. Ben will be hidden around Freshers’ Fayre (Monday-Wednesday) and he’ll be getting a free bus with the Freshers into town (Thursday-Sunday); clues will be given online, on-air and on the buses!

What a day!!! All that is left to say is: Welcome to Nottingham University the greatest Uni on Earth & welcome to URN your student radio station and number one source for everything Week One & beyond! URN – It’s the Kind of Noise Students Make!

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by Tom Ryan