Monday: Diversity of Eggs & Speeches!

20th September 2010

The first day of Week One 2010 has come to an end! What an opener! Here on URN we have gone from inflatable lamas with potted plants to Saddam Hussein & Barack Obama.

Everyday this week we are getting guests, into the studio, from the every aspect of Uni, the hidden heroes of the greatest Uni on Earth!

Today we were graced with the presence of Will Vickers (SU President) & Danny Barry (Week One Co-ordinator), two of the most important people in the Uni for Week One! Throughout the week on the Week One show we are going to be having a bit of fun with our guests and finding out a little more about them…. Hence Show & Tell with a twist – this being that their item of choice had to be acquired during their life at Uni!

Danny Barry’s was an egg… The reasoning behind such a bizarre choice being that his whole family is allergic to them so until Uni he had never experienced the delight of an egg! Since then however he has lived off them; fried, scrabbled, poached, omeletted, boiled, quiched, deviled, coddled, whatever you can do with an egg Danny has!

Danny & the Egg!

Will Vickers exhibited a recent birthday present which was a piece of the old New Theatre floor with “A little piece of your theatre!” Sentimentality being the ruling fact here after being the President of New Theatre last year thus trodden the boards for many an hour!

Ahhhhh...... isn

The Week One Show isn’t just about cosying up to the important people, we have to make sure they are made of the right stuff! No better way of doing this than putting them on the spot! Thus we set them spontaneous challenges:

For Danny we thought: he’s the boss of Week One – a 7 day cocktail of pure anarchy & enjoyment! Also known to few Danny’s brother was on Britain’s Got Talent, so we got him to give us a rendition of a little URN parody of Craig David’s 7 Days:


For Will we needed to make sure that he perspective of good & bad men was correct a tuned thus we came up with “The Good, the Bad & the Very Bad” in which we had re-recorded some famous speeches and Will had to decide whether they were good, bad or very bad individuals:

Thank you very much to both Will & Danny for taking time out of their busy schedules to come along and best of luck to both of them for the week ahead and beyond!

We’ll be back tomorrow at 6pm again with our special guests being: George Wright (SU Democracy & Communications Officer), Oli Margolis (SU Finance Officer), Dave Jackson (Editor-in-Chief of Impact and Gabriella DeMatteis (Editor of Impact).

by Tom Ryan