Tuesday: Liar, Liar….and Condoms!

21st September 2010

Today we managed once again to cause havoc in the URN studios with an array of guests being put to the test to discover whether they are up to the challenges ahead in their new positions.

After a crazy show yesterday with Will & Danny, high expectations came with today’s guests: George Wright (SU Democracy & Communications Officer), Oli Margolis (SU Finance Officer), Dave Jackson (Editor-in-Chief of Impact).

As we’re doing with all the guests this week we asked them to bring along an object that they acquired at Uni that means a lot to them for one reason another for our little Show & Tell feature.

George Wright brought a small plastic medal which he earned during his time as Sherwood Hall Karni Hall. George was awarded it by his Karni protégé as a small commiseration after Sherwood were beaten by Rutland Hall to the Snowflake Ball title! A defeat which rests heavy upon the shoulders of him!

George Wright - Show & Tell

Oli Margolis’ object of choice for “Show & Tell” was a New Theatre key which he acquired last year. Similar to Will Vicker’s yesterday sentimentality of the hours spent in New Theatre was a key factor for his choice however also the ability obtained of being able to enter New Theatre at anytime of the day to perform a cheeky act of Romeo & Juliet…

Margolis & his Key

A rather worn box set of The West Wing Season 1 was the Dave Jackson’s Show & Tell the story being that during drunken escapades he ended up having a D.M.C with a stranger called Matt, who upon discovering that Dave had never watched “The West Wing” he proceeded to post it to him that night!

The Editor in Chief of West Wing!

Then the daily challenges were set:

As the SU DemComms Officer we had to make sure that George was a trustworthy “voice of the people” so we hooked him up to a little Lie Detector and put him to the test:

Oli Margolis, SU Finance Officer, we demanded that he emptied his wallet on air in our “What’s in Your Wallet?” feature resulting in some interesting contents…

Headliners was the challenge we had in store for Dave as her got in the hot seat, we selected 11 different headlines from the last few Impact issues to check if the Editor in Chief really knew what was going on in his magazine:

We’ll be back tomorrow at 6pm again with more special guests being: Katay Mackay (SU Welfare & Equal Opportunites Officer), Becky Catlin (New Theatre)and some people from Musicality will be popping in for more fun & games!

Tom Ryan