Tuesday’s Pulse: Student Finance, the SU Exec and Impact!

21st September 2010

Today, on another packed episode of The Pulse, we reported on the study by the University of Leicester suggesting that even if fees do increase, many students won’t be discouraged from going to Uni.

The study showed that the high demand for university places is going to continue, with 90% of potential applicants willing to pay fees of around £10,000.

In the studio we agreed that it was encouraging to see so many people continue to want to study, but it is also a worry that shows while red brick uni’s would not lose applications, former polytechnics and newer universities would notice a big difference and could cause Uni’s to be seen as elitist

Yesterday Will Vickers spoke to us about how the Uni would react to fee increases and cuts in Uni spending:

Now it wasn’t all worrying news on The Pulse today – we also spoke to Ollie Margolis, the Finance and Services Manager on the SU Exec and George Wright, the Democracy and Communications Officer and they were both very pleased with how Week One had been going so far! Ollie followed in Will’s footsteps as he reassured us that even if university cuts affect the SU, the Student Run Services, such as NUTs, Impact and of course URN, will not be largely affected as funding would be brought in from other sources…phew!

George added that after a hectic summer training schedule, he too was very excited for students to be back on campus so he can continue to encourage involvement with all the activities the SU offers!

Much to George’s happiness we finished today’s episode of The Pulse with a chat to Dave Jackson and Chloe Painter from Nottingham’s very own magazine – Impact. It seems all of their team was pleased with how much interest had been shown at Fresher’s Fair over the past two days and it was encouraging to hear that this year they plan to update their website even more frequently so there will constantly be articles to get your teeth into!

Here is Louisa chatting away with the Impact team:

That about sums up The Pulse today, we’ll be back again tomorrow between 5 and 6!