Thursday: The Ultimate Sporting Challenge on URN!

23rd September 2010

During today’s show the greatest sporting challenge ever to grace the Earth was up for grabs! The URN Ultimate Sporting Trophy! Proof that great things do come in small packages as the physical trophy stood at just 2 inches in height but like the Ashes its significance its huge!

The two potential victors were both our guests: Dave Heads (SU AU Officer) & Charlie McDonaugh (Head of IMS).

But before we kicked off proceedings we had the important matter of Show & Tell:

Dave brought along with him, his First Aid Certificate which he achieved at the start of the year as he moved into his position as AU Officer also allowing him to be a Week One Rep.

Charlie’s ‘Show & Tell’ was his overlarge quarterback American football shirt from Nottingham Outlaws, which according to him is like a full dress that attracts a lot of abuse when he deccides to wear it casually around the house!

Four challenges were created to determine the greatest!

Round One was a tested their sporting knowledge educating them at the same time ultimate ironing was a real sport and that the official sport of Maryland is jousting. Dave ending the round 4-1 in he lead.

In round two we checked that they were both true sports fans by checking that they watched an acceptable amount of televised sport by taking some famous TV themes. Dave and Charlie proved their worth through their extensive knowledge with Dave ending the round still in the lead at 8-6.

The next round was more active, a simple game of keepie uppies. Charlie chose style over continuity (35 kick ups), while Dave let his close control rack up the points (53 kick ups). Thus leaving Dave firmly in the lead, 61-41, the pair embarked upon the deciding final round…

The two had to race up to the very top of Portland, collect the URN beer mats and return back to the studios. Dave sealed his victory, returning triumphantly after sending Charlie the wrong way.

So Dave Heads was crowned The URN Ultimate Sporting Champion! Congratulations Dave but Charlie didn’t leave empty handed as we gave him a medal so that he may never forget the thrashing he was dealt by Dave!

Thank you very much to both competitors and tomorrow we will be having more shenanigans with Douggie McMeekin (Activities Officer) & Karni Execs members Sammo & Simon till then enjoy Week One 2010!!!

by Tom Ryan