Friday: Taste of Your Own Douggie!

24th September 2010

We’re back once again! Our guest today being Douggie McMeekin (Activities Officer) & Karni Execs members Sammo & Simon and some more great challenges – Douggie becoming Superman & giving Karni a “Taste of their own Medicine”!

Before the chaos engulfed the airwaves we thought that we should pay our guests the courtesy of getting to know them a little through our little “Show & Tell” feature:

Douggie had two: one being a personalised wallet with a photo of himself on the front of it, the second being his scooter which he had purchased in London thus setting him up for a great scooter journey from London to Nottingham:

Douggie Show & Tell

Sammo & Simon brought with them the The Karni Web of Love – a huge “masterpiece” (if we’re honest) that showed every relationship within Karni!


Then came the challenges:

As Activities Officer we had to make sure that Douggie was an active outgoing individual – thus we tested his dancing ability (how else would we do it?) by using Cali Swag District’s new single “Teach Me How to Douggie” which according to WikiHow is a simple dance ! However he didn’t really live up to that, so we went old school with a little bit of Soulja Boy!

Taste of your own Medicine: was Karni’s challenge where we had gathered an assortment of interesting ingredients from our SU Shop: some Coke, Ribena, Yazoo, Orange Juice, Weight Watcher’s Triple Pack (including Egg, Prawn & Chicken!), some powder soup – Minestrone flavour – a pack of Extra Strong mints, Apple and Banana.

Just to make it fair we then put all these ingredients into a FA Cup-esque draw with the Sammo & Simon choosing the full Weight Watcher’s Triple Pack, the powdered Minestrone soup, Coke & Ribena! (then George Wright – DemComms Officer – happened to be in the URN office and decreed that the cocktail needed to have a twisted of orange peel). So we set about blending this concoction of wonderful ingrediants and got Karni to taste it on air*.

*the only problem was that there is a Karni rule that they won’t make anyone do anything they wouldn’t do themselves – thus Ollie & I had to get involved!

The week end is coming but we’re not resting at all tomorrow we have the Head & Deputy of NUTS Michael Perry & James Boumphery coming down to the URN basement to partake in a few fun and games for our penultimate show!