Saturday: The Real NUTS!

25th September 2010

Saturday has come, thus the penultimate Week One Show and some may say we saved the best guests till last, some may not… Either way it was a fun fill show with NUTS being our guests for the day: the Head & Deputy Michael Perry & James Boumphery came down to the URN basement!

Also last night URN was once again out in force, this time at the Week One Headphone disco. Covering anything that moved in official URN stickers, we raved through the crowds getting recordings of the bizarre, yet surprisingly recognisable, singing masses.

The NUTS Show & Tell was their ‘Golden Bodge’ snow globe trophy, received by the station for the Best Show Film at last year’s National Student Television Awards at Loughborough. An evening which is notorious in NUTS history for a few reasons…

NUTS Show & Tell

Our final Week One Show challenge was a simple exercise to test “How Well NUTS Do Know Their NUTS?” Blindfolded and fearful of what was to come, Michael and James were each handed a series of seven NUTS to identify.

Michael’s unfortunate but ironic NUT allergy didn’t stand in his way, with him improvising and using his adept fingers and sense of smell to successfully identify more NUTS than James who had the advantage of being able to use his taste buds!

The challenge finishing with NUTS impressively being able to identify 5 out of the 7 variety of NUTS, leading us to the conclusion that NUTS do indeed love NUTS!

Tune in tomorrow at 6pm for the final Week One Show as we provided a highlights package from what has been Week One 2010!