Monday 4th Oct Pulse

4th October 2010

On todays show we revealed the breaking news that Mirage nightclub, formerly known as Isis, which was due to re-open tonight, has in fact had to cancel the event.

Many of you will have recieved texts stating that it is ‘with regret that tonights event is cancelled due to events beyond our control’.

We spoke to Nottingham Police who informed us that although the University Portal claims it was the police who shut down the night, it was in fact the organisers who halted it as they were yet to recieve their licence.

For those who had tickets for tonights event you are able to get a full refund by emailing and leaving your name, number and the amount of tickets you purchased.

Or you can hold on to them and use them when the club opens in three weeks time, bnut for now please do not turn up to the venue tonight! Unlucky you Isis lovers!

…Also on The Pulse we covered the story that the DSA has changed the format of the UK Driving Test. The test will see people having to follow an independent route for 10 minutes instead of being told step by step instructions of where to go.

Also, candidates will no longer be able to get test route maps online. The Driving standards Agency is hoping that this will help learner drivers to be able to cope with directing themselves as well as concentrating on driving the car itself. Other changes to come in are that driving manoeuvres will fall from two to one.

Chilli spoke to students in Mooch to find out what they thought and some of their test horror stories…

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