A fresh take on the Ollie & Liam Show

26th October 2010

This week, we invited some of the new Freshers to URN to get involved with the show. Stu, Grace and Ben came down to the studio and were set several challenges and games.

Each fresher was subjected to the Ollie & Liam Show ‘Frestionnaire’, a questionnaire for freshers, which included such questioning classics as:
Radio listen?
How much does an Ernest Hemingway?
Fish or Chips?

Once we had all got to know each other, they were all sent off together on a campus scavenger hunt. Things they had to get were:
A stick from the downs
A photo of a person with facial hair (more hair, more points)
A photo of a favourite place on campus
A lake artefact
A photo of a goose, bonus points for a swan
A photo of a highest place on campus
A pebble from the Millennium Gardens

A man with facial hair

Highest place on Campus

Ben & Grace


Ben with his stick from the downs


We then did a special fresh edition of our feature, Midweek Draw, in which we draw something suggested by the listeners in one song. ‘Ollie, eating an ice cream in the rain’ was the best suggestion on the text, so we all embarked on an artistic journey for 3 minutes while Kings of Leon were on. Unsurprisingly, Ollie came last and the freshers beat us both…..

Stu Liam Ollie
Ben Grace

A cracking show, thanks to the freshers tolerating our suspect features and blather. Good times.

Team Photo