Getting into Cycling

18th November 2010

Tuesday’s Pulse had a bit of a ‘cycle’ theme to it. Cycling really is a great way to travel – not only is it quick and healthy but its also really cheap!

Cycle London

There’s a new scheme in London called ‘Cycle Lifestyle’ which aims to get people more informed about cycling and is trying to introduce a really innovative new scheme to make travelling around the city by bike easier. Here’s Lucy with more details.

Lucy and Emma spoke to the founder, Ben Irvine for more information about what the scheme hopes to achieve AND why cycling is always the best option.

For more information contact Ben:
OR check out the website (Cycle Lifestyle Website)

And what about people in Nottingham? We investigated how easy it is to get cycling in our city

If you’re still not convinced – here’s 3rd year student and keen cyclist Nick Manners on the benefits of cycling around uni and Nottingham