Michael Cassette – Temporarity – Album Review

27th November 2010

As far as I’m aware, the After Dark blog isn’t usually used for album reviews. I thought I would change this with a cheeky review of Michael Cassette’s debut album ‘Temporarity’. There’s no point trying to write an amazingly wordy review trying to describe it – after all, you have to LISTEN to music to appreciate it – no number of words can possibly replace that.

Michael Cassette - Temporarity

Michael Cassette isn’t one man- it’s Finnish duo Erkka Henrikki Lempiäinen & Matti Tapio Heininen. Influenced heavily from the warm analogue sounds of the 80s, they fuse everything that was good about those classic synth days with the very latest progressive house…and it works brilliantly.

Being a massive fan of theirs already, I pre-ordered the album as soon as I was able to. And on this fine, snowy, morning the CD popped through my door and it was on the hi-fi within a matter of seconds. All I can say is WOW. Everything about the tracks is perfect- the sound choices, the faintest hint of the 80s, the plucky melodies, the errie atmospheres…

Head on over to http://www.anjunadeep.com/michaelcassette-temporarity/ and just take a listen to the track previews. If you fail to like it, I will be shocked and amazed.

Rating: 10/10

Progression [Remixed]