Entering the Ring; URN’s exclusive wrestler blog

29th November 2010

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing for Professional Wrestling, as a child it joined my inner circle of interests – with the usual childhood heroes; Power Rangers, Teenage HERO Turtles and Fireman Sam. It was mesmerizing to me how these men could pummel each other into the ground and somehow the next week return unscathed…weird.

Wrestling has always been a part of my life and when I reached my teens I came to the realization that maybe if I put my mind to it I too could be a member of the elite. Of course, being a teenager it was another of the ‘pipe dreams’, you know the summer holiday projects you think about doing but never actually get round to.

Suffice it to say, a lot of procrastinating and putting off and as of March this year I was no further along with my dream. However, it was around this time that I began to reach a turning point, as I attended Wrestlemania XXVI in Phoenix, Arizona. At that point I was certain I wanted to try it but even more so that made this dream into a reality was when my now ex-girlfriend ended our two and a half year relationship. So, with all this time and with a complete rejuvenated passion for wrestling I decided enough was enough and I would join ‘The House of Pain’ Wrestling Academy.

I distinctly remember the morning of my first session, arriving into the school with a belly full of trepidation of what would about to unfold. I walked into the doors to be met with warm welcome from the head trainer of the school, ‘The Heavyweight House of Pain’ Stixx. He would be my Yoda into world of professional wrestling so nervous would be an understatement.

Stixx gave me a brief but welcoming introduction to the school at which point I was whisker away with two of its bright and upcoming stars – Nate Colt and Callum Piper. They took me into the room where the ring is kept and at which point I got a glimpse of a thing of beauty. 3 ropes, 4 posts and a canvas mat; my new home, the wrestling ring.

As a child I’d always dreamed of one day entering the hallowed grounds within which my heroes had wrestled. So, at that point my face lit up with glee as I made my first step through the ropes and into the world of Professional Wrestling