Track Of The Week- Tomcraft- A Place Called Soul (Eniac Remix)

17th January 2011

Name a Tomcraft song, go on, I dare you? Tick tock, still struggling? What if I said Loneliness. I bet you’ve just tried to finish off the first line of the song in your head, “something something happiness”, at least now you’re on the right track if you pardon the pun.

That’s actually the sentiment that sums up German producer and DJ Tomcraft in a nutshell, continuously on the right track but always lacking that final breakthrough. It’s been 8 years since his electro cult club smasher topped the UK chart, and very little else has found itself to our fare shores since, revelling in the German techno/trance market where he’s seen as a guru among his peers.

His first smasher of 2011 it unlikely to grace the UK charts either, but in DJing terms it’s a strong tune. A driving rhythmic baseline more characteristic of a techno song than the supposed trance release Beatport has classed it as, a funky progressive melody that pounds home in the same way as his previous monster hit, and with the German born producer Eniac’s remix comes the unique and eerie vocals from the worst film I’ve ever seen, Sideways. Don’t buy the film, buy the song. And for that matter. don’t fear, the vocalist is not behind you even if the subtle use of echo suggests this when played over a loud sound system.

What the song does demonstrate is the perfect blending of a sophisticated progressive house music with a unique gothic flavour. Don’t expect to hear it in many clubs, even for the high brow connoisseur of techno house music the breakdown and vocals in the track are not conducive to a dance floor, but as a genre crossing track on your playlist it seems to be essential. Whether it’s revising for the current turmoil that is exams, or even jogging up and down the boulevard (likely to Sainsbury’s), this is an essential well paced piece of dance music that highlights the genre as mundane ring tone music to an emotive inspiring song. Plus, it does sound bloody lovely to.

Progression Remixed