It’s been a busy few weeks…

31st January 2011

Well, we’ve had a few shows now and we’ve had quite a lot going on! First of all, our first two podcasts up, which you can get on our page, or the podcast page! We’re trying to get more podcasts up soon, but ‘Study Leave’ took it’s toll so keep checking back!

Before Christmas we mentioned the PG Tips Monkey, and how he wasn’t just a Christmassy character! But over Christmas, Stu got a Christmas-style Monkey, and we put a picture up of it on our Facebook page, and it’s hear as well!

We also talked about the little band of Kinder figures that had formed in the office, from the winning of a Kinder Surprise, and you can see the aptly named ‘Manton’s Midgets’here!

Name That Frame, or Picture The Scene as it’s now called, made an impromptu, unrehearsed reappearance with us performing Shakespeare live on air. To listen just hit play below…

The Monday Melody (a.k.a The Tuesday Tune a.k.a The Wednesday Sound-War, a.k.a The Friday Finale a.k.a The Saturday Showdown) saw James’ come back, from being down 2-0, to drawing 2-2, thanks to the vote of Tom Ryan, and now to being 3-2 up because of a landslide victory on the text for David Bowie!! For anybody wondering what the songs were we’ve used over the weeks, they were:

Save Tonight
by Eagle Eyed Cherry
by Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
Shiny Happy People
by R.E.M
Raspberry Beret
by Prince
Big Yellow Taxi
by Counting Crows
Ain’t No Love
by Jay-Z & U2
by Supergrass
Two Left Feet
by Charles Hamilton
Coffee and TV
by Blur
by David Bowie

Don’t forget to check out the Aussie party-goer on YouTube:

Hope everyone exams results all go well! We will see you Monday Morning’s on The Morning Show, and don’t forget to follow us on FaceBook.

Much Love,
Stu and James x