URN Sport catch up with Taekwondo Club

4th February 2011

Nottingham Uni’s Taekwondo club paid a visit to URN Sport to talk about their formation, competitions and of course to have a go at the URN Sports Quiz…

The University of Nottingham Taekwondo club was established in 1994, by Gary Skinner and other keen individuals during their student years. After tireless campaigning the club was accepted into the University Athletic Union. Originally it was a small club with less than a dozen regular members, however we have now grown into the biggest and most successful martial arts club in the University.

Since formation, Gary Skinner, now a working professional is the official instructor of the club, of which has produced over 40 Black Belt members. Some of the former members have since moved away from Nottingham and have formed clubs of their own. Students joining the club when they are at University will hopefully be encouraged by these people and realise that with sufficient dedication and responsibility for their own practice, their experience with the Traditional Taekwondo Association need not end when they leave University, rather it is just the beginning

Interview with URN Sport’s Ed Tarlton

Taekwondo tackle the URN Sport’s Quiz