Maps & Atlases Interview & Session @ URN

5th February 2011

Maps & Atlases dropped by the URN studios on 28.01.2011 to play a couple of songs off their debut album ‘Perch Patchwork’ and to talk about their upcoming European Tour.

They recorded a live session where they played ‘If This Is’ and new single ‘Living Decorations’ out on the 14.02.2011, both songs demonstrated the deft musicianship of the band and their keen ear for an evocative melody. Lead singer and guitarist Dave Davison effortlessly ran up and down complex scale patterns on his guitar whilst delivering a powerful and emotional vocal performance. Lead guitarist Erin Elders equally exhibited a collected cool as he raced through songs with a subdued prowess. Bassist Shiraz Dada executed a brilliant performance that demonstrated his dexterous approach. Drummer Chris Hainey’s agile drum beats were not only syncopated put subtle as well. Their performance was understated and despite the Folk and Pop simplicities of the songs, there were brief looks back to the band’s Math Rock beginnings. When it came to the interview the band were just as restrained as they were live, Davison and Dada being the more vocal of the band, which isn’t saying much. Davison chose his words carefully before answering any question, whilst Dada was cheerfully conversational. Elders and Hainey mostly kept to themselves, perhaps hesitantly thinking about the long tour the band were about to begin. Despite their gathering cult success both in Europe and back in the States the band doesn’t seem to have let the attention go to their heads. Throughout their arrival, their performance, the interview and their departure the band were humble and seemed to genuinely appreciate URN’s eager interest in their music. They went on to play the Bodega that evening to a warm welcome to say the least, where they seemed to shed their subdued awkwardness momentarily that demonstrates that at heart these guys are a band who live to deliver an electrifying live show.

Maps & Atlases debut ‘Perch Patchwork’ is out now and their latest single ‘Living Decorations’ comes out on 14th February.