Funeral Party at the Den

21st February 2011

Funeral Party, five guys from Whittier, LA, are set to take the world by storm with their new album, which was released at the end of January. With the ‘Golden Age of Knowhere’ generating sounds that have been compared to The Rapture and Blood Brothers, Funeral Party are sure to go far.

We were lucky enough to have them play an intimate gig at the Den on the 5th February as a part of ‘After Dark Unleashed’ on URN. It was an opportunity for the students of Nottingham uni to catch this band at its best. They played us 4 acoustic tracks, finishing with their current single ‘Finale’. The set had an incredible sound with foot tapping, chair banging, frantic cowbell and haunting vocals.

The atmosphere in the Den was electric and it was a great warm up to Chapel Club who were coming to play in the NU Theatre on Tuesday.