Question YOUR candidates

25th February 2011

Question Your Candidates

Do you want to question the candidates on their policies? Now’s your chance. Write the name of the candidate or a position along with your question and we’ll ask them for you…

FRIDAY 4th MARCH: Equal Opps and Welfare Candidates
Matthew Byrne
Elorm Haligah
Sophie Hindley
Rosie Tressler

MONDAY 7th MARCH: Democracy and Communication Candidates
Daniel Barry
Samuel Bucknall
Daniel Cooper

TUESDAY 8th MARCH: Financial Services Candidates
Philip Geller
Robin Hudson
Sam Le Pard

WEDNESDAY 9th MARCH: Presidential Candidates
Alexander Corck-Adelman
Ngoc Tran

THURSDAY 10th MARCH: Activities Candidates
Simon Murphy
Hannah Turck
Gareth Whittaker
Ebba Wiberg

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