Swimming Varsity

26th February 2011

Will Uni win the Swimming varsity three years in a row?
Rhiannon May

The Nottingham University Swimming Club has over 100 members, both competitive and casual swimmers training in the university’s Olympic sized pool. Swimming varsity has only been going for the last three years and both years prior to this, Nottingham University have won the competition. This does not mean that the team this year have been sitting on their laurels; intensive training and many university level competitions have been keeping the swim team on a tip top condition.

The swim teams have been going from strength to strength, with the university team this year being on top form in national competitions as a team and with swimmers who have been at the Olympics and the Commonwealth games. The team has also ascended
in the ranks of the BUCS events, both in short course and long course where Nottingham came 5th overall. With Varsity being the last big event in the swimming schedule, Uni are approaching this competition relaxed but ready to take on the challenge and to gain a win in what has so far been a disappointing start to the 2011 competition for the teams in gold.

The teams have been training all this year and there are various people to look out for at Wednesday’s event; Jess Sylvester who has represented Great Britain in the 2008 Olympics, Katie Ambridge who has helped captained the Women’s team as well as winning several events herself, Will Hughes who is the President of NUswim, and talent to watch out for such as Sam Chambers who is actually a triathalete, Alex Rust, the current Men’s captain and others of all years who are out to impress.

Varsity coverage on URN sat down with Katie Ambridge (Women’s captain) and Alex ‘Rusty’ Rust (Men’s captain) to discuss the upcoming swimming competition and how NUswim have been preparing.

Trent talk results

Poolside chat with Jess and Katie

Rhiannon May