Ice Hockey Varsity Match Report

28th February 2011

After a disappointing start to this years Varsity series, hopes were high for the Nottingham University ice hockey team as the sell-out crowd packed in to the Capital FM Arena. After some fantastic performances from British figure skating champion David Richardson and the Tracey Quaife dancers, the atmosphere in the arena was incredible as the players took to the ice for warm-up.

During the first period it was clear that since this is the only time the Mavericks split for a match, each other’s weaknesses were already identified and taken advantage of. It was not long before this knowledge favoured Trent and a startling three goals were scored in the first fifteen minutes of the game.

A 7000 sell-out crowd crammed into the Trent Arena for the Varsity Series

With both teams shooting roughly the same amount of attempts on target, the obvious difference was that Trent grasped and used their every opportunity, with Uni often giving away easy pucks.

After a nervous start however, Uni’s perseverance paid off with their first goal of the night scored by number 18, Soltys, ending the first period with Trent leading 3-1.

After an entertaining interval game from the under 10’s Pumas hockey team, Uni returned to the ice looking set to keep up their momentum whilst Trent focussed on keeping the game.

Despite a number of breath-takingly close goals from both teams, the score stayed the same for the majority of the second period. Finally Uni were rewarded with a goal from their captain, Tom Griffiths, finishing the second period just one goal behind Trent.

Competition between the two universities however didn’t end here as an interval goal shoot-out took place on the ice between the Trent and Uni AU officers. With Dave Heads scoring two out of a possible five goals, this was enough to beat his Trent opposition and it was time for the match to resume. This encouraging victory from Uni seemed to liven and reassure the fans, but as Trent took to this ice, electric with energy, defeat seemed unlikely! As they fought on in revenge for Uni’s last two goals, it was no surprise that despite continuous efforts from Uni’s net-minder, Silvester, that Trent increased their goals by two with only fifteen minutes of the game to go.

Uni escaped a number of unbelievably close goals, with the crowd sighing in relief and in an attempt to redeem their strength Uni eventually replaced their net-minder with an extra player.

But despite their efforts, the Trent Army cheered their way in to a convincing 4 – 2 victory, with both of the team’s net-minders picking up well deserved man of the match. With already two varsity matches played and lost, Uni must focus on making sure that they win the next few fixtures in order to be sure to claim back the Varsity title.

Alex Ghiacy

Simon Brown interviews URN guest pundit and man at ice level Adam Cacey

Ed Tarlton talks to Trent AU Officer Andy Shilton