The Elections Show – Friday – Equal Opps and Welfare

6th March 2011

For the very first edition of The Elections Show 2011 we welcomed the candidates for Equal Opps and Welfare. Rosie Tressler, Sophie Hindley and Elorn Haligah joined us in the studio, whilst Matt Byrne pre-recorded some parts of the show as sadly he couldn’t make it due to emergency dentistry.

The candidates first task was to reveal what they’d brought along for Show and Tell. Rosie tried to woo presenters Ollie and Liam by bringing them each a present of a bright pink Women’s Network pen. Matt brought along his t-shirt for ‘Any-Body Month’, a scheme he was participating in later in the month. Sophie chose a bottle of Lucozade – the one thing getting her through her campaign. Elorm’s Show and Tell was rather more bizarre, an orange highlighter that he’d won in a competition set by a lecturer who had promised an ‘amazing prize’…

Next up the candidates were introduced to The Exec Factor. A selection of instruments were revealed for them to utilise in creating a jingle persuading people to vote for Welfare and Equal Opportunities. Rosie foolishly mentioned at this point that she could play the guitar, leaving Sophie to decide between the tambourine or a harmonica….

The next part of the show involved each candidate designing a new Welfare Mascot, to let Easy Tiger have the odd day off. Candidates were given one song to draw their mascot, name it, and give it a tagline or purpose. Elorm’s mascot, an Elephant named… Elephant, promoted safe sex with the tagline ‘cover your trunk’. Rosie’s, also an elephant, was called Wally and its mission was to ensure students drank plenty of water. Sophie, in a controversial break away from elephants, chose a teddy bear called Timmy as her mascot. Timmy’s concern was general wellbeing and happiness, and went with the tagline; ‘Hug?’.




Next up came the Floating Voters; a game testing physical strength and agility, combined with mathematical prowess. This involved getting from one side of the studio, or ‘lake’ to the other using only the cushions from the sofa to stand on. The Welfare Candidates did very well, clinging to each other and jumping from cushion to cushion to place their votes in the URN Ballot Box. Their score of 49 seconds was placed upon the URN Elections Leader Board.

Finally it was time for the Exec Factor jingle performance. With Rosie on guitar, Sophie on the tambourine and Elorm providing vocals, it sounded a bit like this…