The Elections Show – Monday – Dem-Comms

9th March 2011

Monday saw the turn of the DemComms candidates to be comically interrogated by Ollie and Liam. Danny Barry and Sammy Bucknall were a little apprehensive at first but soon got used to the vibe of the show after being asked questions such as ‘Legolas or Gimli-Duplo?’ and ‘Tiramisu or Sue from the SU?’.

Danny’s show and tell was well received in the URN office, a packet of ‘Fox’s Chunkie Extremely Chocolatey Cookies’ , the only things he loves more than Week One. Sammy brought in his bow and arrow, archery being one of the first societies he joined at Freshers Fair in his first year.
We wanted to cover both aspects of the position; democracy and communications, so we decided two games were required. Democracy, it turns out, is a hard subject to base a game on, so we resorted to Democra-sea-lion; a game of skill and precision. We introduced the URN Democra-sea-lion and the two candidates were each given four rings to throw over her head. It was a close call with Danny winning by one ring, 2-1.

The second game – Campus Communications – tested the candidates’ quick thinking and explanation skills. They were each given a list of 5 places/ people/ events all relating to university and the SU and had to describe them to each other. They managed to complete the list in less than two minutes, scoring 9/10 because Danny didn’t know what the ‘Aspire’ tower on Jubilee Campus was called.

Floating Voters was a roaring success with the DemComms boys devising a
new strategy. Instead of trying to both fit on each cushion, they went one at a time, nearly halving the time of the Welfare and Equal Opportunities candidates, with a time of 28.20 seconds.

Exec Factor was once again a roaring success! With Danny on vocals and percussion and Sammy on guitar, their two verse jingle was a democratic and communicative masterpiece.

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