The Elections Show – Tuesday – FSO

10th March 2011

Second show of the week, on Tuesday, we welcomed the FSO candidates down to the URN House of Fun, for some hard-hitting journalistic interviewing by Ollie and Liam again. Phil Geller, Rob Hudson and Sam LePard endured The Third Degree amicably.

On to Show and Tell now, Sam brought in a collection of passport photos for us to see, however these were no ordinary pictures, there were a number of just random people that he had never even met, interspersed with a selection of his nearest and dearest. Rob told us all about his collection of antique weaponry that he had been collection for years. Finally, Phil told us all about a box of Quality Street that he received during his Freshers year, and was still yet to open to this day, however, for his Show and Tell he went for a personalised pillow that he received from working on a New Theatre show back in year one.

The highlight of the show had to be the wittily entitled SU-permarket Sweep, because looking after the finance of the SU Shop is a skill every good FSO must have. We sent all the candidates upto the SU shop with £1.50 and asked them to get eight items that were: red, sticky, long, made of paper, hot, cold, they like, they dislike. We then called them back down to the studio after a bit of Paolo Nutini and you can hear below how each person did.

In Floating Voters, the FSO lads smashed the time of the DemComms lads – three of them managed to cross the lake in just 15.84 seconds! And finally, the Exec factor – a beautiful three part harmony, that you will struggle to get out of your head for the rest of the day – a hit for the ages!

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