The Elections Show – Wednesday – Presidents

13th March 2011

Wednesday was the long-awaited turn of the Presidential candidates. Alex ‘Corcky’ Corck-Adelman and Ngok Tran were apprehensive, but soon got into the swing of things after the first few ‘Candidates Questions’. Corcky’s show and tell was his Law Society football shirt from his first year when he first joined the team. Ngok’s was also a t shirt, from the Demo day in London which she helped to organise.

The president’s challenge was to ‘construct a cabinet’. The first part of this was to think up a cabinet ‘dream team’, filling the positions of AU, Welfare, Dem Comms, Finance and Activites. Corcky chose David Beckham for AU, … for Welfare, Mark Zuckerberg for both Dem Comms and Finance, and … for activities. Ngok went for Zidan, Mother Theresa, Chris Moyles, Bill Gates and Tom Cruise.

The second part of the challenge involved the candidates building a cabinet out of cardboard to keep their dream ‘cabinet’ in. Valiant efforts were made all round, with Ngok’s ending up as a bookcase style cabinet, and Corcky’s more of a filing cabinet. You can see the photos below.

For Exec Factor, the candidates went for a more simplistic approach, deciding to keep to only three words…