Women’s Hockey levels the Varsity Series for Uni

22nd March 2011

The Women’s Varsity Hockey pushed back in glorious sunshine at half past three in front of a decent-sized crowd for a lazy Friday afternoon. Trent dominated the opening exchanges, looking dangerous on several occasions but it was Uni that struck first on 18 minutes, after some lovely build-up play sliced through the Trent defence and a perfect cross from the right wing resulted in a delicate lob over the hopeless Trent keeper. 1-0 to Uni and with that, the dynamic of the game completely changed, with the girls in green now controlling the play.

For the rest of the half, Uni remained in charge, but were guilty of over-playing and not testing the Trent goaltender enough, leading to much frustration amongst the spectators. However, the girls in white and pink still looked very dangerous on the counter-attack, but their shooting consistently let them down despite working several good breaks. With the score line still close at the end of the 35 minutes, it was anybody’s game.

Although the second half started as the first half ended, the play soon became scrappy and disjointed, with many niggling fouls committed by both sides, the most serious of which was dangerous play from Trent hitting the ball straight at one of our brave girls. The ball seemed stuck in the middle of the field and there were no sparks of brilliance from either team. Indeed, most spectators seemed more interested in the appearance of a man in a tiger-print onesie, who was then picked up and carried off by four Trent 2nd XI players, drunk on their earlier victory (it doesn’t count towards the Varsity score, though).

Going back to the game, this breakdown in fluidity suited Trent more than it did Uni and the girls from the former polytechnic seemed to be clawing their way back into the game. However, despite their dominance in the final 15 minutes, Trent could not find a way through the tight and resolute Uni defence and the girls in green were relieved to hear the final whistle; a victory that levelled the Varsity series and set up the Men’s Hockey as a decider as to who would go into the Easter break on top.