Women’s Rugby Player Profiles

11th May 2011

Abi: A long standing member of the team ‘boobs-bigger-than-a-rugby-ball-abi’ will be looking to make some final streaking runs up the wing before she leaves us for the wild plains of South Africa.

Hollie Poulter: WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Some seriously undiscovered talent ready to make her mark.

Islay Crosbie – With an insatiable hunger for contact and adrenaline this super-sporty type not only tears it up piste-side but runs through opposition as if they were blades of grass, oh did we mention canoe polo next year SHE’S OURS!!!

Steph Weedon – Forward-back-forward-back-forward…back? Come the 12th who knows where we’ll be seeing ‘vodka-eyes’ start but one things for sure I would not like to get in her way…

Jess Ainscough – American football. ‘Nuff said…!

Sadie Burton – Loves a good roll around on the floor as well as some serious contact. This regionally experienced player brings knowledge and a skill-set to envy the best of them to the table, not to mention her perhaps less well-received vegetarian jelly shots…

Charlotte Hunt – Likely a) to be the one to do the damage and b) to then treat the injuries…we’re still yet to be convinced that nursing was the best career path for this feisty forward…

Emma Dootson – Expect an array of facial expressions from our fitness-fan forward. Having excelled beyond anyone’s expectations this season; no line-out ball is safe from the opposition.

Alex Rowles – So long as she’s kept away from trees, marshmallows and Jack Daniels a solid performance can be expected from this stalwart fresher. Deep-throat.

Ally Beech – Seemingly quiet and unassuming get this one on a night out and BOOM no-one is safe. Like the Duracell Bunny she’s all over the pitch and doesn’t stop till the fat lady sings (or blows her whistle).

Kiara Vincent – Nottingham-Derby-Leicester we’re still not quite sure where she comes from but unfailingly present and undoubtedly the most travelled player an indispensable asset to the front line.

Rhino – Potentially the most inappropriate nickname ever: this one has a hook like Leonard, a drive like Hartley and a physique like Sharapova.

Ellie McWilliam – Another late edition to the team but an invaluable one at that. All eyes on the girl set to make waves in her first Varsity.

Emma Rice – Does she ever stop? This super fit number 9 makes her own team dizzy with her continuous effort and pounding tackles, her last time on the big stage expect a grande finale show-down…

Katie Williams – Most likely to kiss you on a social this dedicated number 12 has more than earnt her stripes. A rock to the team both on and off the pitch she’s the only girl I know to look good green…
Lucy Francis – her sense of direction is possibly the worst any of us have ever seen, and her fancy dress outfits leave a lot to be desired but on the pitch this girl dodges and weaves round any tackle. She kicked us to top of the league and promotion spot and is a bundle of energy , always on the go, and on top form, so watch out Trent appearances are very deceptive, this girl is a lot feistier than she looks.
Natasha Gladstone – never known to miss a social, this dedicated fresher, new to the game this season, has thrown herself into everything with 110% and has grabbed every opportunity to improve, and how it has paid off!
Lara Hogg – although her social performance has not been great, there has been a massive improvement on the pitch and in her last varsity Lara will be looking for a point to prove!
Abi Jennings – McVom, it’s a miracle she manages to keep it in when making such hard hits on the pitch.

Caroline Abbot – If she’s here in time for kick off she’ll blow us away.

Fabiola Kaiser – (Fabio) It would be a massive understatement to to call her a keen fresher. This girl will play anywhere, any day. Her level of commitment has no doubt made her excel in the game.

Sinead Kenna – without a doubt our most shy, nervous, quiet and reserved fresher….

Laura Cowlick – Laura leads sets a shinning example of decorum, organisation and sobriety.

Nicola Barnes – A fantastic asset to the team, sadly however it is inevitable that one day we loss her to suffocation in the scrum.

Kate Barton – our smallest angriest player. Now taking bets on numbers of injuries before half time.

Claire Asquith – She’s mastered the art of slipping into the background whilst off the pitch but she never stops fighting till the last whistle.