Molecules In Space – Keith Smith – 03/10/11

1st October 2011

On Monday, 3rd October we went live for the first time! We spoke to Dr Keith Smith about molecules in space.

Below is our Basic Concepts package on Molecular Absorption on which Keith researches:

We chatted about:

– What stars and planets are made from
– How do we observe such small objects from such a small distance?
– Spectra (see images below)…

Emission Lines

Emisson Lines 2

We also had a Q&A session. Listeners asked Keith about:

– What is the most complicated molecule ever found in space?
– How did Keith get involved in science?
– What was Keith’s best discovery?

Amongst others.

Finally, we had a chat about the most up-to-date events in science. Firstly we spoke about the Tevatron (a giant particle accelerator – similar to CERN but in America) losing its funding. We also spoke briefly about THAT discovery where types of neutrino could be traveling faster than light.

Podcast to follow soon, but tune in next week to hear Dr Will Hartley chat about galaxies…