Mad Libs – 8th October 2011

8th October 2011

An Ode

This is the Mad Libs from the show on the 8th.

Radio Announcer: Thank you for tuning in today. We are here in Nottingham to celebrate National Poetry Month. In just a moment, the nation’s poet laureate, Napolean Boneparte, will read a poem about a(n) Puffer Fish. And here is Napolean Boneparte.

Napolean Boneparte: Thank you, everyone. This is a very Grumpy poem I wrote about a(n) Puffer Fish.

An Ode to a(n) Puffer Fish
The Puffer Fish is as big as a(n) Star Spangled Banner.
It reminds me of small Tables Smoking.
O, the Puffer Fish. O, the Puffer Fish!
What do Pimply people think when they see you for the first time?
Perhaps they know there are happy days ahead.
O, the Puffer Fish. O, the Puffer Fish!
For some, you are Whimsical, but for others, you are Squidgy.
If we are Partying, we pause when we think of you.
May you always Pamper.
O, the Puffer Fish. O, the Puffer Fish!
The end.

Radio Announcer: On behalf of the poets, thank you for Jiggling.