The Awkward Show

22nd October 2011

For those awkward moments in life…

1. Starting with a favourite photo of mine that was taken when the camera didn’t go off when it should have.

Emma's Bad Photo

2. When being introduced to my housemate Vicky’s boyfriend for the first time and I asked (as the first thing I ever said to him) if he wanted to ‘come see our basement’… But in my defence we have some cool stuff down there!

3. That awkward moment when you turn up to a party wearing the same clothes… (Thanks Rob and Nathan!)

When you turn up to a party wearing the same clothes...

4. From an anonymous listener:
“Well, one of my awkward moments is that then when my ex broke up with me. When we were going out, he was going to a uni 4 hours away from here, doing a different course and it wasn’t until A level results day (near enough a year later) that I found out he was doing my course at my uni…”


5. This Facebook page:

6. “The Awkward Moment when i wake up next to Emma Bradshaw”
Thanks anonymous texter 🙂

7. THAT phone call when Stu tried to chat up my housemate Grace… and she didn’t notice for a VERY long time…

8. And not to be forgotten… this is when I attempted to chat up our station editor, Robin. Just LISTEN to the awkward silences in this beauty of a phone call…

9. That awkward moment when you go to a boot sale wearing 3D specs with no lenses in them…

Boot Sale

10. THAT Black Eyed Peas singalong