Cheers to Cheese

22nd October 2011

If you caught the show yesterday you’ll know that I’ve got a new obsession this week. It’s those delightful promotional videos that you see on big screens in supermarkets and other generic household shops. Often found in the homewares section, they try and sell you everything from mops, steamers, irons and rubber gloves to peelers, knives and fryers.

I thought it was a bit unfair that products in the other supermarket aisles weren’t getting the same shiny-talking-plasma-screen attention, so we decided to make our own promotion video (in audio form!) With Stu’s help, we gave one particular dairy product the promotional help that it needs with its very own in-store video.

We had a chat about how amazing these videos really are:

And then we created our very own promotional spiel live on-air (and discovered that Stu’s a natural at this in the process). Have a listen to the finished product: