The Academic Leaderboard

25th October 2011

We all know scientists are smart. Especially at the University of Nottingham. But if we were to quiz our resident scientists at common sense and popular culture, just how well would they do?

This is our Academic Leaderboard. Scored out of 15, we will see who really is the smartest cookie on campus.

Keith Smith – 9/15 – A stirling performance with wonderful knowledge of sport and scraping in at 60% – A 2:1.

Will Hartley – 4/15 – Despite claims of ‘Keith’s quiz was easier than mine!’ Will unfortunately only managed to rack up 26.7%.

Roger Bowley – 4/10 – A lack of knowledge of the X-factor judges means that Roger comes in with a reasonable 40%. A pass at least.

Tony Padilla – 6/10 – With an ability to spell words such as ’embarass… embarress… embarrass’, Tony storms in at joint first place.

Frazer Pearce – 3/10 – Receives a ‘bonus point’ from Dave for believing that ‘Simon Cowell is the only judge that matters on the X-Factor so who cares about the others?’ Narrowly missed the bottom of the table there, Frazer!

The Academic Leaderboard