2 Fools One Studio

27th October 2011

Yesterday Morning (Wednesday 26th October 2011) Jack and I released our first parodies to the world. This is of course because of our brand new feature entitled : “2 Fools One Studio”.

Every week we will both write a parody to a well known song and play them live on air for you to hear. We then ask you to text in with “vote matt” or “vote jack” depending on who you thought wrote the best parody. We will be keeping a running tally as to who wins each week, and at the end of the year the loser will have to sing, live on air, a song of the victor’s choice. Jack said that we would get all of URN to come and listen and watch in the studio – however I think this is a little unrealistic.

I (matt), of course, won this week’s 2FOS with KFC and you can listen to both our parodies below (and/or download them as a podcast if you so wish!)

Tune in next wednesday (8-10) where Giles Gear (from thursday morns) is on the show, and as always there will be a chance to win 4 free coffees from Mooch!


Jack’s Bad BO

Matt’s KFC