First solo broadcast on URN

27th October 2011

Yes loyal listeners, on the 26th October 2011, Giles Gear hit URN’s airwaves for the first time.

I must admit, the first ten minutes were particularly harrowing and terrifying as I was unsure if anyone was actually listening/I was even on air. But after the faithful Mother Gear got in touch, the messages soon came flying in, including a request for one of my favourite bands, AC/DC.

Highlights included Humdingers, where very basically I force unsuspecting members of the public to hum a well known song, which if guessed by the listeners, can lead to four FREE Mooch coffee vouchers being won! This week’s was ‘Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling’, which you can listen to on the podcast! Things really kicked off when Matthew Gundry joined me and began insulting the weekly Quidditch game on the downs, which provoked an angry response from one listener, also available on the podcast!

Overall, it was hugely enjoyable and I barely had enough time to fit in all the games/songs/general chit chat that’s needed for a Thursday morning!

NEXT WEEK: To make up for our insulting of Quidditch, I will attempt to record myself being the snitch for next weeks show, Humdingers will return, as will 9.30 knockers, and my freaked-out review of Paranormal Activity Three!

Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.