A show with a twist!

2nd November 2011

So today’s show had a bit of a twist in it.. it was only Wake Up With Matt (and Giles for a bit)! Jack is in Amsterdam this week meaning I was left to do the show by myself. Jack recorded some messages for me to play throughout the show (which, by the way, you can listen to via our podcast page) which made it feel a little more homely, however it just wasn’t the same.

Giles kept the banter going with me, however, for the first 45 minutes – but as you will tell it was a little harder for me to do it by myself. I take my hat off to anyone who does a show by themselves as it is genuinely nerve-racking and quite hard!

2 Fools One Studio went down a treat again this week, and I won with ‘Hungry 18’. We were asked to make them shorter and less chipmunk-esq so that’s what we did! You can listen to them below, or listen to the podcast!

Tune in again next week, where Jack will be back!

Matt x

Hungry 18

Girl’s Ruined My Night