Dementors, giraffes and more

3rd November 2011

As the title suggests, today’s show (the 3rd November, not the 2nd November as I thought…) was one of the most surreal ones I’ve ever experienced. It all kicked off with myself being convinced it was the 2nd, until being corrected almost instantly, so thanks to eagle eared listeners for spotting that!

Within ten minutes of playing ‘Humdingers,’ Gurps Rai guessed the answer = ‘Kids’ by MGMT, and won himself four free coffees from Mooch! Tune in next week for your opportunity to win another four vouchers!

It was just before nine o’clock that the show itself moved into the realms of the bizarre, as I got a text in about giraffes affecting the road conditions. But, as always, I give a shout out to anyone, so ended up playing the News jingle and read out the peculiar phrase live on air, so check out the podcast for that!

Matthew Gundry joined me, as per usual, at just after nine to tune if for what was undoubtedly radio history. Many of you will know that the weekly Quidditch game occurs on the Downs every Wednesday, and I was down there to make amends for the Quidditch-bashing that happened last week. That was when I experienced the most surreal moment of my life to date:

Thirty Dementors charged down the hill, screaming and shouting as they began engulfing the Quidditch players, terrorising the game and attacking the stragglers. I just about started recording in time to run along side them as their devastating assault was under way, which you can hear in the podcast AND this blog. It was actually a planned prank by NUTS who filmed it for their new show ‘Prank Bank’.

*EXHALES LOUDLY* Suffice to say, it was one of the most action packed show I’ve ever experienced, two hours barely contained the amount of features, songs and merriment that embodied this week’s ‘Wake up With Giles Gear’. Oh and we talked about CHRISTMAS, the dreaded ‘C’ word! Have a listen to the podcast, have a giggle: get listening, get involved, get into Gear.