Friday Afternoon Blog-a-thon

3rd November 2011

Well here we are, the night before the morning after and I can safely say the show is well and truly ready. Of course I’m not going to reel off my whole plan, that would give you no reason to listen in to the 3 hours of ‘wahooo it’s Friday’ filled fun.

However, I will say this. If you fancy getting involved with the show and having your 10 seconds of fame on the Radio, make sure you’re hanging around the Portland Building between 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow…

And we’re off! The show is up and running, typing this out to the background music of the new track from High Contrast.

As I mentioned, the competition is conming up within an hour, stay tuned to find out how you can be getting your hands on those 2 Savoy Cinema Tickets!

This weeks Furtive Film Star has tested my Photoshopping skills to the max, all will be revealed at 15:10!

This takes decorating your house to a whole new level, goodness knows how much this costs, and I’m not sure greenpeace would be happy with it, but fair play to the guy!

And it get’s even better…

I have a feeling that I’m not going to hear the end of slating my beautiful home towns weather… On a completely different not, here’s that piano version of Avicii – Levels. That’s some serious talent!

It’s the Furtive Film Star! But WHO IS HE? Let me know any you’ll be in the hat for those Savoy Cinema tickets!