What Famous People Did You Go To School With?

6th November 2011

Today I’m conducting a survey into what famous people you went to school with. To get your name and your celebrity up on here, send me a free webtext on our homepage! I’m with you until 2 o’clock today so send them in 🙂

Stu went to school with the lovely Cat Deeley and he has this to say:

“The Deputy Head still receives her calendar from her every year and displays it in her office!”


Alex went to school with Matt Horne off of Gavin and Stacey:

Matt Horne

Giles’ mum went to school with Rowan Atkinson and his uncle went to school with Jeremy Clarkson. Amazing!


Rowan Atkinson

Natalia’s (10-12pm) friend James obviously comes from a reality show training school, as he has these alumni:


Liam off of Big Brother 6 and:


Anthony from Big Brother 10. Now that’s a claim to fame if ever I heard one!

Davs went to school with the Hilarious Harry Hill:

Harry Hill

Bobbinz’ Grandad went to school with SIR Ian McKellen! Is this the winner of today’s feature?


FINALLY my mum went to school with Zoe Ball. Woo!


At the end of the show, the studio decided that Bobbinz was indeed the winner of today’s ‘What Famous Person Did You Go To School With?’ and we played a song of his choice… Steps. 5,6,7,8. We linedanced throughout the studio.