Nanophysics: A Fantastic Voyage – Prof. Phil Moriarty – 7/11/11

7th November 2011

We spoke about nanophysics and whether Science Fiction can become reality – will nanobots really take over the world? Or is it just wild speculation?


Above is Drexler. He “…envisioned a world utterly transformed by [molecular] assemblers… They would confer something approaching immortality. They would enable the colonization of the solar system.”


But is he right? And is it right for us to try and reach this ideal? For more information:

Is it possible that we could build anything we could possibly want, atom by atom? Food? Clothes? A sense of humour for Presenter Dave? Our resident Professor Phil Moriarty doesn’t believe we can due to the complications of surface science.

AND in Science in the News, we spoke about these guys:

Men from Mars...

They’ve just completed a one and a half year experiment to simulate what conditions would be like on a manned mission to Mars.

However, it would take me (Emma) 10x that amount of time to tame Dave’s ego. So maybe it’s not that long a time…

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Dave, Phil and Emma