Celebrations + Live Rap Battle…

10th November 2011

It was a very tense beginning to the week as the Student Radio Awards were fast approaching URN; but, as always, the station delivered and on the 9th November 2011, we were crowned the Best Student Radio Station 2011 – second year running!

This meant that celebrations had to ensue throughout the morning’s show and of course, other people’s shows for the duration of the day; my contribution to the festivities was playing ‘Celebrate good times, come on!’ approximately every five minutes, which can be heard in the podcast!

It was my third ‘Wake Up With’ for URN and my my, did it fly by. I was genuinely loving the show, and before I knew it, Humdingers went and gone in the blink of an eye, Joe Keogh’s song (Stone – search for it on Youtube) had been played, and a huge amount of shout outs were given: suddenly it was nine o’clock.

As stated in the podcast, after last week’s action-packed and full to the brim show, I was tempted to adopt a much more chilled approach to this show. Yet, with the inclusion of two more games (“I don’t believe it!” featuring URN presenters and a LIVE Rap battle) this simply did not emerge! Every week now, as the rap battle was received very ‘positively’, around about 9.28, the expectation is there for listeners to text in absolutely ANYTHING which myself and Matthew have to rap about: this week it was School Dinners (check out the podcast for the disastrous results).

It really was a jam packed show, yet highly enjoyable, as each broadcast the show moves on in leaps and bounds; thank you to everyone who tunes in and becomes part of the show, I hope to see you bright and early next Thursday, 8-10am.

Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.