I Want To Play a Game

10th November 2011

Another eventful show went down a hit. We introduced some new features and had a right laugh as per. Jack was back this week, which was such a relief as I found it so hard to present by myself.

2 Fools One Studio was won by Jack this week (obvious cheating), so that puts the scores 2:1 to me. Remember whoever loses at the end of the year will have to sing live, so don’t forget you could do a bit of tactical voting so the best singer loses if you don’t want to ruin your ear drums. You can hear the songs on podcast on listen to them below.

I introduced a new game – ” I want to Play a Game “. Where I play a clip from a film, TV program or a clip from a short clip from somewhere, that if you woke up in the middle of the night (in the dark) you would poo yourself. It’s one of the stranger features I know, but it really gets you thinking about how in different situations the mind takes different things and displays different emotions! With out getting too deep this week’s clip was the THX tune which Jack guessed correctly. We’ll be playing this every week.

If you enjoy our show, we are on every wednesday 8-10am, and I (matt) am on Giles Gear’s Show (Thursdays 8-10am) from about 9.

Peace out!

Student – Jack

MP – Matt