URN Goes Global!

20th November 2011

URN clearly already has over a gazillion listeners, but we aimed to take it global! To do this we sent three Travel Bugs to travel all over the world.

We put the travel bugs in the Geocache closest to the University, which happens to be on the Campus! We headed over there and placed three Travel Bugs in the cache where they could be picked up by the next cacher to visit.

The Travel Bugs being dropped off

One Travel Bug being collected by lgxkls

Our three Travel Bugs have three seperate aims:

  • Number One wants to travel all over Nottingham and have its photo taken at all the big Nottingham landmarks
  • Number Two would like to travel as far as it can around the World.
  • Number Three is currently heading all over the UK hoping to head to other Universities

URN Travel Bug 2 was collected very quickly by lgxkls, who works in our very own geography department. She is working in Rome this week and our Travel Bug has gone with her! That puts a part of URN 1000 miles away form the University!

Down by the Riverside
By the Canal
On the Embankment

Travel Bugs 1 and 3 were picked up by Spire67 later that day and were taken all around Nottingham. Travel Bug 1 was then dropped off in Wilford for somebody else to find and Travel Bug 3 was carried on to Birmingham where it visited one of the UKs hardest geocaches to find. There it met up with the geoibsons and made its way to the East Midlands Airport, ready for somebody else to discover.

Before the Adventure
In the Tunnel
Out the other side.

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