‘Article 4’ is Passed by the Council.

23rd November 2011

Today, the SU announced that Nottingham Council has passed ‘Article 4 Direction’ which will affect the number of students allowed to live in a rented house in Lenton and Dunkirk.

We spoke to the Accommodation and Community Officer Julia Seal, here’s what she said about the ruling.

Grace asked her if she felt the SU campaign had been effective.

Here’s the official SU response:

“It is not surprising that the Executive Board have voted in this way but it is certainly disappointing. We must now continue to pressure the Council in the implementation of Article Four direction to ensure that the City Council are not enforcing student quotas, directly or indirectly, across the City. We also want the Council to engage with us on our concerns in the Local Plan, which plans to divert students away from popular areas in the city into purpose built accommodation, which is likely to be further away and more expensive. We do not think the City Council should be adopting this as policy.”

Remember to let us know what YOU think – is this isolating students from the local population or can students be problematic for local residents?

To find out more, check out this vlog from the SU:


We’ll be posting updates here as we get more information.