Doctor Who-ha

23rd November 2011

This Saturday we are going to be discussing the new Doctor Who movie that is in the pipelines (I admit it’s a bit of an excuse to discuss Matt Smith again… we are not obsessed!). However we can’t do this alone, oh no, we want your opinions as well! Leave your comments below this blog and we might just give you a mention live on air!

Do you think there will be a new Doctor in the film? Do you think they should bring back one of the other Doctors to do it (it’s Doctor Who, there is no such thing as a timeline and they cross lives anyways). What do you think? Who do you want to be the 12th Doctor?

All 11 Doctor Who

Also in case you’re a recent Whovian and haven’t seen any of the classic series, here is an audio clip of all 11 Doctors with their catchphrases (or them just speaking if they don’t have a catchphrase)

See you Saturday!

Chloe and Jenna