Keith Lemon and The Vaccines.

23rd November 2011

So today we started a new feature called “Tweet Me Up Before You Go-Go” where we try and get in touch with a famous person on twitter. Jack decided we would try and contact Greg James, but he wasn’t biting the bait. Then we had a text in to Get Keith Lemon (aka, Leigh Francis), and believe it or not he replied! Here is the proof:

We also had our 2FOS (2 Fools one Studio) again, and this week was a draw! Jack had a text in after the deadline and got quite uppity about it, but the rules are the rules, so this week was a draw. The total score so far is 3-3.

Jack – MG

Matt – Wake Up With

As Jack announced today as well, he is off to Sheffield (Right now actually)to interview The Vaccines. That interview will be played to you next Wednesday morning so stay tuned for that!

Much love,