Occupy Market Square

24th November 2011

With occupations taking place in more than 950 cities across the world, we wanted to investigate the protests happening right on our doorstep – in market square.

Emma spoke to one of the occupiers to see what life is like in camp.

She also spoke to a representative from the council to see how they were dealing with the occupation.

And finally, we wanted to learn more about why the occupations were taking place. One of the occupiers, Salvo, told us big changes need to be made to society.

For some background information, Alice chatted to an Economics lecturer. We wanted to find out how the 2008 recession could have triggered this movement.

Are the occupiers a problem or do you think setting up camp will get some much needed attention? That’s what Misha asked students and locals around Nottingham

So let us know what you think? Are the occupiers getting their point heard? Do you understand why they are there? Is this method of protest effective? We want to hear YOUR thoughts.