The Large Bearded Man

30th November 2011

Christmas is a magical time of year. As a child you get the endless excitement that there is a rather large bearded man criss-crossing the Globe delivering millions of presents to millions of eager children. I don’t know about you, but I was always amazed he could fit not only his large self, but also some equally large presents down our rather compact chimney, then eat the mince pie, drink the whiskey, and disappear again without causing a stir. It was quite unbelievable, but I believed it. Every year without fail, me and my brother would be in bed at the earliest possible opportunity, willing the next morning on in anticipation of what we would find bright and early (when I say early, I mean EARLY. Sometimes as early as 7am, ouch). One year we even woke up to find Santa had managed to knock over our Christmas tree, destroying our perfect decoration in the process. We quickly forgave him though when we discovered the Kilimanjaro-like mountain of presents.

Even as the years have gone on, and you gradually begin to doubt the fact that the fat man from the Coca-Cola advert actually exists-realising in the process that you and the millions of other children around the world have been conned by your parents, that their near-Christmas late nights at ‘work’ had more to do with your present haul that Rudolph, Vixen and Dasher (probably a good thing with Fenton hanging around in west London), and that there was no magic slimming trick that can fit you down a 1 sq. ft. chimney-Christmas is still as magical.

I’ve heard many people say that Christmas as an adult, without all the mystery and excitement, just isn’t as fun, it’s ‘boring’. Maybe it is, but it is still an incredible time of year, one to share with your family, to enjoy each others company, and to stuff yourself to bursting point with the best roast of the year.

Christmas as a child is just a very long, drawn out and repetitive story that inevitably leads to you trawling through the Argos catalogue. I’d say it is when Christmas becomes ‘boring’ that it becomes it’s most enjoyable-personally, I can’t wait.

Now we’re into DECEMBER, it’s officially the run-up to Christmas so you have no excuse not to get in that Christmas spirit!

A brilliant way to start would be joining me on the airwaves between 2 and 5 as usual this Friday, Go onnn.

It will be great having you along!

Dan x