Trashy Magazine Titles

4th December 2011

We’ve all seen those trashy magazines sitting on the shop rail. You look at them and you think – ‘Really?’; ‘No way!’; ‘She put the what in the where now?’

But how easy would it be to identify the story if some of the headline were blanked out? And that’s what today’s show (12-2pm) is about. Below, you will see a collection of trashy magazine titles, and throughout the show, I want you to guess the missing word.

I will be revealing the answers throughout the show, so stay tuned…

Good luck!

Title 1

Title 1 Revealed

Title 2

Title 2 Revealed

For the person who texted in who wanted to know how the above could possibly happen, here is the link to the magazine page:

It’s a little bit gross for me to mention on-air!

Title 3

Title 3 Revealed