Public Sector Strikes

5th December 2011

On Wednesday 30th November 2 million public sector workers, including staff from Nottingham University, went on strike.

Those on strike wanted to demonstrate to the government how public sector workers feel about cuts that will affect their pensions.

Misha spoke to Professor Andreas Bieler, a Politics lecturer from Nottingham University, about his choice to strike and the atmosphere on the day.

SU President Alex Corck-Adelman explained to Miranda and Tom why staff from Nottingham were on strike and how students reacted.

We asked a local teacher, Phillip Clifford, whether striking was a difficult decision to make.

And finally, would cuts to pensions stop you from pursuing a career in the public sector? That’s what we asked students at Nottingham.

How do you feel about the strikes? Did they make a difference? What are the prospects for graduates looking for jobs in the public sector? Leave YOUR views below.